This week I thought I would touch on a few of the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about one of my most popular quilts, Scrap Petal Garden. There are quite a few students that have received their class sheets on what to gather for this quilt and what to bring to class for my upcoming workshops. Many of them have some of the same questions when it comes to gathering fabrics and doing the homework and why. I filmed a little YouTube video for you where I explain why I never tell students what to bring. Well… I do tell you what to bring… but I am quite vague about it and rarely do I answer the question with a definitive NO. Why do I do that? Well watch the YouTube video below and find out.  (Don't forget the other valuable information below as well.)

Scrap Quilting… A little improvisation and a whole lot of you

Scrap Quilting is not only about using up what you have and mixing lots of fabrics together, it is also a little about improvisation and being your own designer.  After all, it's your quilt and you should make what appeals to you. I don't really know what types of fabrics you prefer or what appeals to you so if I told you what to bring your quilt may look a little more like what I want and a little less like what you want. So my answers will always be a little bit vague especially if you start the question with a tell-tale phrase such as, “I was thinking…” or “What do you think if I…”  I'm going to tell you what my answer will be.  “That sounds great.  Do that.”

Yes.  I know that is terribly annoying.  It doesn't answer your question at all.  But it does give you what you need even if you don't realize it.  What you need is permission. You need permission and validation that your idea is a good one. It is really rare that I hear a bad idea when it comes to scrap quilting. I have also never met a quilter who hated their project after it was complete. I have met a quilter who's friend didn't like their project after it was complete. Here's a word of advice. It's not your friend's quilt, it's yours. So I hereby give you permission to make whatever you like.

Fabric suggestions for the hopeless fabric collector

Notice that I didn't say hoarder in that subtitle. You are not a hoarder. You are the “Curator of an Extensive Private Textile Collection” as the sign says. (… and if you need one of these signs please feel free to head over to our online shop and purchase one in the color of your choice.) I think the hardest part about choosing fabrics for a particular quilt is choosing FROM my fabrics for a particular quilt. I always assume that I will only make one of whatever pattern I choose and so the pressure is on to make the “right” decision. They are all the right decisions.  Trust me.

But if you still aren't sure… below are some of the latest photos taken during my various workshops at projects in the works from some of my students. This might help you in your fabric choosing journey and give you something to think about.  Also, you can check out next week's blog post.  There might be another one to ponder in that post as well.

Customer Projects – The Ultimate Compliment



That's a lot to think about huh?  Not a single one looks like any other… and two of the quilts used exactly the same fabrics.  That's true.  One of the quilts was a kit from the finished quilt but the quilter put the petals and the background together differently than the sample and it looks gorgeous. So watch the YouTube video and get some tips and I will see you when I get to class.

Now if you haven't taken the time to buy your own Scrap Petal Garden pattern and template… well… head on over to the online shop and get one. You won't regret it. Or you can sign up to take a class.

Happy Quilting