The New Hexagon Quilt Template set

The New Hexagon Quilt Template set


from The Millefiori Quilting Book

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The New Hexagon Quilt by Katie Marek (template set only… DOES NOT include pattern)

One set of hand quilting templates. Centers and outer seam allowances are provided. Templates are 1/4″ in thickness. They are cut to order.  Sketch around inner template for sewing line. Cut around outer template for the cutting line including a 3/8″ seam allowance. Outer cutting points are trimmed to reduce bulk.

This set includes 32 templates in total.  24 common shapes and sizes and 8 custom shapes to complete all 52 blocks in the New Hexagon Quilt Book.  Templates range in size from 7/8″ up to 3 1/2″ shapes. All shapes and sized templates are listed below. Any custom shape is listed my Block # in the book and referred to that # below. All templates are 60˚ based and are specifically designed to work together to make the blocks included in this book.

7/8″ – Hexagon, Half-hexagon, and kite.

1″ – Hexagon, half hexagon, jewel, 60˚ triangle, 6 point star (diamond), and hex peak

1 1/2″ – Hexagon, 6 point star (diamond), half hexagon, 60˚ triangle and kite

1 3/4″ – 120˚ triangle, 6 point star (diamond), 60˚ triangle, and hexagon

2″ – 6 point star and 60˚ triangle

3″ – 60˚ triangle, 6 point star, 120˚ triangle

3 1/2″ – 6 point star

Additional custom templates including:  Custom parallelograms from B10, B24, B28, B32, B34, and B40.  Custom triangles from B20, B30, B44 and B52. Custom rectangle from B21.

*** Notes from customer questions:
Each template piece comes with two pieces: 1 inner cut (the size of the template piece) and 1 outer halo cut (the 3/8″ seam allowance).

This is a large set and due to the delays in the supply chain is laser cut on demand only.  These is not a stock set and may take a few days to create and ship depending on demand.


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