It’s not often that I get to enjoy an event as a spectator.  Most of the time when a quilt show or trade show comes to town (or I go to the town to see it) I spend my time greeting customers and staging demos of my methods and products.  Every now and again it’s nice to attend an event as a spectator, get your “swag bag” and sit and listen to someone else speak and learn a little about what other people do in their creative space.  Sometimes we do the same creative things but use different methods to achieve the look and I love learning about the new products that are out and how to successfully use them.

So… yesterday I took a little “road trip” up to East Earl, Pennsylvania to the Shady Maple Conference Center for a big Bernina/Brewer Sewing Event hosted by Hinkletown Sewing Machine Shop in Ephrata, PA (the largest Bernina dealer in the world).  The purpose of the event is to feature the new Bernina 880 sewing machine, all the new features and products of Bernina Embroidery Software 7 and all the fantastic new products that the Bernina educators are using available through Brewer Sewing Supply.  It was like a little mini Quilt Market for Bernina/Brewer.  The educators always do a great job of showing off the features of the products while also inspiring creativity with the features of these sewing machines.  They show you ways to break out of the norm and do very creative things with these wonderful machines we all own.  While the event is definitely marketed toward Bernina owners and potential buyers… there is still lots of information to glean from the event and lots of sales on wonderful quilting and sewing products.

I was very excited to go because I had some interest in upgrading my Bernina Embroidery Software and had heard of the fantastic new features of the Software 7 update.  Also, Mr. Zimmerman offers the best prices far and wide and very often heavily discounts products at these events so it was the best opportunity to purchase for a “frugal fanny” like me.  So… I got in the car and made the 200 mile journey (one way) to visit and listen to the Bernina educators and also spend the day with some of my friends and family members who sew.

I saw some really amazing new products and got some great new tips for inspiring my creativity on quilts and even some potential Christmas presents that might really come in handy this year.  I took lots of notes and I am very excited to share some of the great products available for playing with.  I know for some of you that don’t get to quilt market… or those of you that do get to market but (like me) don’t have a chance to see everything that’s new while you are there, this might be an interesting opportunity to learn about some great new products and techniques.

I happen to be a Bernina owner… but I am also a Janome owner… so I try not to be exclusive when discussing products… because there are lots of amazing machines out there these days… and also some really amazing products to use with your simple sewing machines.  So… I don’t want anyone to read this blog and think it’s all about my obsessive Bernina love fest (although I really do love my machine).  It’s all about sharing information.  So I hope that you will take advantage of the websites, videos, links and such that I plan to share with you over the next few days.  I hope that it will inspire you to think outside the box with your sewing and creativity and you will take what you can from it.  Feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you think.  Also, if you happen to be at this event… please let me know what you enjoyed about it the most.

So watch for a few new posts coming up… I saw and heard and took notes on so much that I just can’t share it all here.  And… I apologize for not taking more pics… but I was simply too busy enjoying myself.  But I will snap a photo or two of what I brought home.  You might even get to hear about a few of my favorite places in Pennsylvania to go… since I really got my start in quilting in Amish country … I am quite fond of the shopping in and around the Lancaster County area and encourage you to stop there when you get an opportunity… especially on quilt show week in March 2014… (you can find the dates all over my website… but HERE is the show where I will be vending that week.)

TEASER:  I will be talking about Bernina Educator Susan Fears, Bernina Educator Amanda Whitlatch, Bernina Embroidery Software 7 new features, Armo etching, Lumiere Fabric Paints, thrift shopping and your sewing, Transfer Artist Paper, Stabil-stick stabilizer, Tufted Satin Effects, various patterns, clipart/fonts/graphic fonts, Panasonic Cordless Iron, Silhouette Cutter and the sources to learn more about these things.

Happy Quilting