Here’s another cute little all over design… brought to you by my doodles on the top.  The quilt top is Easy Diamond Delight from our new book What a Load of Scraps!  Everyone always asks me how to make a diamond quilt from our 60˚ template (or your 60˚ ruler).  We have a beautiful quilt made with our 45˚ Diamond template.  So here is our top.

Easy Diamond Delight
Easy Diamond Delight

As you can see, all the blocks are made from scraps using our All Scrapped Out! method, including the background.  I tried several different doodles on top of the quilt to see what would enhance the spirit of the quilt but not be too overwhelming… a nice simple design.

… trying out my doodles.  Dry erase markers rock.
… trying out my doodles.

I tried out several different designs on the top before choosing to go with something loos and fun like this.  I kept drawing until I got a nice continuous quilting design and then started on the quilt top.


Here is the finished project after quilting.  A more free motion version went into the border of the quilt to finish it out.  Such a cute, fun way of finishing up another top.

What is your latest quilting masterpiece?

~Happy Quilting