I have been teaching workshops and doing trunk shows for the past year with All Scrapped Out!and the most popular comment that I hear when show the attendees my trunk show is … “My quilt would never look like that… I don’t have enough scraps!”  So many people are afraid to dig into their scrap basket and just begin sewing.  I am hear to tell you again…. JUST DO IT!
The pictures in this post are from a workshop that I taught last Spring/Summer in Newark, DE in a shop called The Quilter’s Hive.  Here are a few of the “bees” in the hive getting down and dirty with their leftovers and some of the quilt layouts that they came up with that day.
Bees getting their strip sets together.
Strip piecing and checking their patterns
This bee chose a different pattern than everyone else.  You can see her strips are divided by color
This bee brought only batik scraps.  You can do that if you wish.  Dividing your scraps by a specific fabric “flavor” is a great way to feel comfortable about your project.  Her block layout is below.
Totally random awesome layout of From Strips to Squares
The picture above and below are completely random strips to make
Scrappy Strings and Crazy Things.
The difference between the two quilt depends on the scrap stash of the maker.
Same quilt … different look… equally beautiful.
Here are some blocks from the bee who used all batik scraps.  Pretty amazing look.
Same design as the two quilt above… the batiks give the quilt a totally different look.
This just goes to show that you can even use your scraps to create several different versions of the same quilt and they will look different every time.  I’m so sorry that I didn’t get pictures of the block layout of the students that chose another design.  I think they were shy about their blocks.  No need to be shy.  I encourage all my students to show their layout while sewing so that they can see the beauty in their own creation and get excited about completing it and showing others what they made from their “FREE” stash of fabrics.  Who knew that they had these quilts all balled up in a scrap basket.