Well… best laid plans…  I had entirely planned to post every day during market.  But, sadly, circumstances stacked against me (sheer exhaustion, poor internet connection, etc.)  So here are a few of the pics and details you missed.  I wish I had spent more time documenting the sites of the show but I did not.  I was really there for business and was commandeered most of the weekend selling and making contacts.  Here are a few that I did take.

My view from the booth
My view from the booth

I love taking pics of my show neighbors, especially from my point of view all weekend.  This was exactly my point of view looking right.  My far neighbor was a wonderful wool pattern company.  The owner wore a beautiful wool fascinator every day.  They looked adorable in her cheery red curls.

My close neighbor right was owner of The Fat Quarter Gypsy (Minnesota) who, like me, was working with her mother all weekend.  I loved them.  They were adorable and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Across the aisle neighbor
Across the aisle neighbor

My across the aisle neighbor was a husband and wife team from PMQuilting in Montana.  They were promoting their invention for a wonderful batting rack (customization available) for easing your batting woes in your studio and store.  Loved it.

Left side neighbor
Left side neighbor

My left side neighbor was author Thomas Knauer (Modern Quilt Perspectives and numerous articles for Quilter's Newsletter Magazine) from Thomas Knauer Sews.  He had wonderfully mod booth that reflected his personal style and sewing space.  Thomas was kind enough to sign and give a book to me this weekend.

Cabin in the Woods Quilters
Cabin in the Woods Quilters

The final booth setup worked for me.  It's certainly colorful and from this vantage point you can see three of the four quilt projects from the new book, What a Load of Scraps!  The most popular was the diamonds in the back of the booth (center of the photo).


I was right next to the Windham Fabrics Booth.  I had to walk through every time I went out for coffee.  What a shame.


Exactly one hour before Sample Spree on Thursday evening the ladies attending were beginning to gather into position for the lineup into the Spree.  Sample Spree is the fabric acquisition equivalent of the Lord of the Flies.  I really have never seen anything like it aside from wedding dress sample sales in New York City (although I have never been to one of those but I have shopped on Black Friday and its pretty crazy in there).

A few of Susan's fabric favs:

Renaissance Rose by Northcott Fabrics
Ambrosia Collection by Blanks Quilting
Tomorrow's Sunrise by Maywood Studios
Pittsburgh Pirates stadium in the background. Steelers Stadium behind it.

I did enjoy the sights and sounds of Pittsburgh, PA (despite being a Baltimore Raven's fan) and would definitely consider coming back for a visit and a walkabout.  Views from the Convention Center across the river. IMG_3108

Tomorrow I will share with you some of my fabric acquisitions from the show and perhaps this week some thoughts on new fabrics and trends.  I also encourage you to check out Quilts Inc. website for photos of the Spring Market booth winners.

~Happy Quilting!