I thought it might be fun to show you a few of my favorite products that I use here at the Cabin. Product companies do not sponsor me so if I feature a product here on the spotlight (which I will also call “Shameless Promotion”) it is because I use the product and find them really awesome IMO (In My Opinion). On occasion I like the products so much that I offer them for sale in my shop online. But I only sell things that I find the most useful at the Cabin.

Today’s Product Spotlight is on the Clover Wonder Clips binding clips.




I use these clips to hold things together when I can’t find my 3rd hand. They work great when putting bulky things like this purse together. I really couldn’t pin through the layers with the handles so these were perfect.


They also do a fine job holding a mitred binding corner on a flannel and homespun quilt (which is more than I can say for my third hand, which like my other two hands, seems to have a defective crab claw joint).


They make the clips in three sizes which I only know by color… Red, green and purple. Here is the green one next to the red. I have no purple (which is larger than the green) but I usually find the green one a little too big for most things except clipping block pieces together so I haven’t invested in the purple ones yet.


I suggest you try them. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how much better they work then pins when stitching bulky things like purse handles together.


I have one set of ten clips left in the shop if you are interested and they are priced at 40% off. If you already use them at home leave me a comment and tell me the best thing you’ve  used them for. I would love to hear your opinion. If you are reading this and you are from Clover… You’re welcome. 🙂

Happy Quilting!