It’s back to the New Year… and back to the daily grind here at the Cabin.  (Not that we haven’t been working the entire time… because we have… but mostly on paperwork and training).

We have been making some new changes to the website (thanks to the New Girl… Allison) and making things super easy for you to see what’s happening here.  Also making room for some new pages and features… such as a FREE PATTERNS and TUTORIALS area with videos (hopefully) so you can get to know what happens here.

We are also working on some new designs… a couple of small projects for Valentine’s Day.  I am hoping to post a new project (made from another designers pattern) that I have been working on.  I completed one for Christmas but couldn’t take photos of that… so we will just have to make it again.

Also… we are working on putting all the patterns together into Downloadable PDFs for upload to Craftsy.  If you haven’t done that with your own patterns… you should.  Craftsy offers a free pattern store (all you need is a paypal account) where you can upload your patterns for sale.  I love using Craftsy and encouraging others to do so as well… so it’s nice that they offer this service as a good place to start.  You can also offer patterns for free.

Craftsy Store logoMed

Craftsy StoreHere is a look at the new store and a few of our uploads.  Click Here

I will also be writing up my FREE PATTERNS and posting those as well.  So check back every now and then or subscribe to the newsletter and I will let you know when I upload something new.