Oh Happy Day!  I finally solved one of life’s little frustrations.  As a designer, I am often times using another company or designers product to create patterns and make instructions easy for my customers.   I try very hard to use products that are readily available on the market so that you as the customer are not frustrated looking for the right companion products for my patterns and books.While designing my All Scrapped Out! series I wanted to create a series of scrap books that used common rulers that you may already own (to reduce cost) or that can be purchased at your local quilt shop without much effort.I was very frustrated when I recently called the distributor to place an order for rulers for an upcoming class only to find out that the product was no longer available… from a very reputable ruler company that is still in business.  I don’t like to disappoint my customers by not having products available if they should choose to use them.  It’s so frustrating.

In the last few months, with some cooperation from another company’s equipment, I have been working on the designing of my own rulers and templates for new ideas.  It’s always a struggle learned something new and trying to get it just right.  But this weekend we had a breakthrough.

I have been able to recreate some of these ruler sizes as templates and manufacture my own acrylic templates for All Scrapped Out!  Now instead of searching for the right size ruler… I can offer my customers an exclusive new product from CWQ completely designed for use with our All Scrapped Out! series.  In keeping with the simplicity of this method… the new product will be less ruler and more templates.  No pesky lines to measure to.  They will be available on an on-demand basis just like our books and will be manufactured right here at CWQ headquarters.

I am working on some brand new books and now I have some brand new templates to offer alongside those books.  It’s all very exciting.  I am hoping to premier these new templates at our next event on Sept. 7th.  How exciting.

Here is a tiny sneak peak of one of our prototype templates.

The templates we have created so far for use with All Scrapped Out! include:
6 1/2 inch 90˚ Triangle
8 1/2 inch 90˚ Triangle
6 1/2 inch 45˚ Diamond
3 inch 45˚ Diamond
6 1/2 inch 60˚ Triangle
6 1/2 inch Trapezoid
These are some of the MOST popular rulers/templates for use with our pattern books (the trapezoid is brand new for an upcoming book).  This is so very exciting… and you get to see a little piece right here on the blog.
We are also manufacturing a really neat new product by another designer.  These rulers are called “Strip Stix” and are used to strip cut various sizes.  They are the “Great Scrap Busters” and are used when you have a large numbers of strips of a certain size and get confused by the lines on your rulers.  These strip cutter templates come in two set sizes.  The small set are 1 1/2″, 2″ and 2 1/2″.  The large set are 3″, 3 1/2″ and 4″.  All the sticks are 24″ long and are designed to cut the entire width of your fabric on the selvage to selvage fold without having to fold again.  CWQ is proud to be manufacturing this product and showcasing it at our various events.  They have been a huge success for any quilters that are making scrap quilts.  They are useful for lots of designers patterns.  Here is a photo of the small set below.
Aren’t they FANTASTIC.  All products will eventually be for sale on the website.  We are working on updating our site for Retail Sales as well as Wholesale.  Until this update happens we will be offering them for sale online on our Square Marketplace storefront.  Click Here. to check it out.
Watch for new item updates happen all this month.  Pay online with a credit card and we automatically ship to your door.  Great new things are always happening here at the cabin.