I was hoping to have the Leaf quilt complete today but life had other plans… so what to do for Finish it Up Friday so I could link up with Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts?  I found a ton of homespun squares many months ago left over from when I first began quilting.  Everyone was making rag quilts at the time, homespun was cheap and when you wash homespun it gets sooooo soft.  My babies loved it.  So I cut a ton of squares in an attempt to cover each bed in the house with a warm soft quilt that wouldn't show the dirt (cause boys, dogs, boys, etc.)


I found the squares many months ago and sewed them together in a large quilt top for the bed just to get rid of them (and not show the dirt… cause boys, dogs, etc.)  My girlfriend Ginger quilted it with a beautiful but simple fan pattern… and then… I forgot to put the binding on it.  I just found the giant thing when I cleaned a recessed corner of the studio the other day… along with two green rubber mice and nice spider type fellow named Harold.  I invited Harold to live outdoors… and then I used the Clover Wonder Clips (as seen here in another blog post about shameless endorsement) to hold the binding down while I stitched it on my machine *GASP* (but I wanted it complete and plaid homespun hides EVERYTHING!)


Not a bad binding either for 122 mph.  While this quilt isn't anything spectacular… it is something COMPLETE!  … and as the Starks say… Winter is coming… and now someone will be warm.  Something to share today?… link up to Amanda or TGIFF and show us what ya got!

~Happy Quilting!