It was a beautiful Saturday today and I took great delight in being outside instead of sewing.  I plan to be working hard this week but since the weather was nice it was great to be outside, at least for a little while.  I got to visit with a few little chicks on a nearby farm and hang out with a super friendly Tom Turkey.  It’s nice to partake in the sights and sounds of spring.

On the quilting front… I just returned from spending the day with the Village Quilters of Catonsville Maryland.  What a lovely bunch of ladies.  They were the perfect audience for the All Scrapped Out! Lecture and Trunk Show.  Many members were very complimentary about my program and thanked me for bringing the quilts to my birth state for viewing.

Unfortunately, I ran out of 45˚ Diamond Templates for making the Delectable Diamonds quilt while I was there.  So… today we were able to rectify that situation and restock.

More templates heading to the cleaning and shrink wrap station.
More templates heading to the cleaning and shrink wrap station.

Anyone that did not get a chance to purchase this template on Thursday… I invite you to check out the online store and put one in your shopping cart.  We will pack and ship over the weekend and they will be on their way to you first thing Monday morning.

Thank you ladies for spending the morning with me on Thursday and inviting me to your delicious luncheon.  I had a blast.  On to more writing.  Think you will take the time to quilt this Easter?

Wishing you all the best on this wonderful Easter Weekend.

~Happy Easter… and Quilting!