products_software_teaser_small_DesignerPlusI am so very excited about getting into working with the new Bernina Embroidery Software.  I have been wanting to digitize my applique designs (at least some of them) for some time.  A few customers have been wanting to make the applique quilts but like to use their embroidery machine for applique designs.  I know I would love to make another Belles of Tara quilt (seen HERE) but don’t have the time to needle turn the pieces.  I would love to be able to offer those designs either on CD or by digital download for anyone that wants to applique them with their embroidery sewing machine.  Of course this involves me learning another new craft… digitizing.  So we will see how things go.

The new user interface for Embroidery 7 is based on the new Microsoft Office toolbar so that should make life much easier when looking for the right button or feature while creating.   There is also a new shape tool that allows you to pick shapes to create a path for adding your designs around a particular shape such as a heart, star or circle.  This would make it much easier to make your own new designs from small design elements and create machine quilting patterns.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the Bernina software includes CorelDraw Essentials X6 within the software.  I currently draw all designs and diagrams for my patterns in Adobe Illustrator and publish in Adobe InDesign.   However, we have been hearing great things about CorelDraw for the laser cutter (which we also use around here) so I am excited to see the interface.

Some of the other new feature of the new software update are:

  • PunchWork
  • StumpWork
  • Trapunto
  • Color Wheel Management
  • Style Preview (see your designs stitched out on garments.)

…and of course the software has the ability to manage the files and create files for the Design Works system… including the PaintWork Tool, CutWork Tool and the CrystalWork Tool.  I never thought I would ever use any of these tools… but I love the projects that Amanda made with the PaintWork Tool.  Here is the website spot where you can learn about these features.

The Educators are using the Cutwork Tool or tools like the Silhouette Cameo Cutter (HERE) to make stencils.  You can use these stencils (made from cutting sticky or iron on stabilizers) to adhere to t-shirts of fabric to use fabric paints, stick them onto glassware and etch the glass, and cutting applique pieces… etc.  I mean all kinds of creative uses for these truly neat tools.  They are really great at thinking outside the box and finding just about any use for these crafty techniques to enhance all your projects.

I have to admit… I got very excited while watching the presentation.  I thought about quite a few projects I can make with some of these tools and have even thought about getting a Silhouette cutter here at the Cabin for some really neat new projects.  I like that you don’t need dies to work with them and I can use my own designs.

The website to learn more about the new features in this new software update is HERE.

Hopefully this post wasn’t too heavy on the Bernina love.  I promise not to do that in the other posts.  I was just so excited by what I saw that I really wanted to share.  Come back and see what else I have in store for you.

Happy Quilting, Sewing, Embroidery and Crafting Peeps