As I walked up the walkway this morning from car pool I noticed how many more leaves are lying in the gardens. It really puts me in mind to make a landscaping to do list for the teenagers. I also noticed that the deer have completely eaten all of the leaves off of my big hostas at the end of the walk. Clearly they are not afraid of me.

Actually it makes me even more excited to make progress on the leaves quilt I showed yesterday. So much so that I just had to show another new picture of what the design wall looks like this morning. I think Cinderella’s little mice were in the studio late last night.

I am really loving how this one is shaping up and since everything outside is looking so drab and dead, it’s nice to have some color around here. I am also excited because the Moda rep comes today and that means more fabric. Who doesn’t get excited about fabric?

If you had your choice and could order anything from the rep today what would you choose? Think big… Money is no object. Leave me a comment with your best ideas. You never know… There could be something fun in it for you.
Happy Quilting!