I know I have mentioned that we are working on some new projects here at the cabin. I am working on getting kits packed to send out to pattern testers. Well… You can’t make a kit without fabric. I have been picking up a few things here and there from fabric sources online and quite a bit of it came in today and yesterday.

If you are reading this late at night and are looking for a bit of eye candy… Look no further. It’s definitely here.



Wait that’s not all. How about a bit of gray stash.



Ooooo. I know right. But wait… There’s more.



… And a few more stash colors to round out the set.



I have also been picking up a few bright and modern scrap bags from other bloggers to make a slightly new All Scrapped Out! quilt. I can’t wait to show you the new designs. The Moda man was here today and I will be sitting by the studio door waiting for fabrics for the next several months as the new lines to come in. How exciting.
Enjoy your eye candy… Brought to you by the studio mice.

~Happy Quilting.