I have been collecting these fabrics for years.  I knew exactly what project I wanted to work on.  I had the pattern all sketched out.


But then my brain went to work… and I thought… if I go to so much trouble to make an amazing design and spend so much on the perfect fabrics to make it… I should pattern it and use the quilt as a sample… which means years and years of staring at it… packing it into a travel bag for trunk shows and never really enjoying the quilt… so I have put this design off for 3 years.

Every time I walk past this stack of pinks and browns it calls out to me… “MAKE ME… MAKE ME”… and I keep ignoring it.  What should I do… just make this quilt for myself and post it here… and make you all wild with jealously as you stare at it’s awesomeness?  Or should I make a sample quilt to make all of you ooohhh and aahhhh at guild lectures and quilt shows… but long for curling up underneath it with a cup of coffee on a raining day and watching Downton Abbey?  Decisions… decisions…

Are any of you out there struggling with your own quilting dilemmas?  How many have bought the perfect piece of fabric to make a gift and you have been coveting it so much that the birthday or baby shower, etc… has since passed by years ago and you are still sitting on that fabric in your studio?  You know who you are?

I’m sure there is a simple solution… like make two quilts… but that’s just crazy talk.  That’s like giving birth to two babies… and I know myself… I will NEVER make the second quilt.

That’s the problem with always picking fabrics that you love.  It comes back to haunt you when you have to make something for work.  I think there should a position opened up for quilt tester.  The pattern tester can make the quilt to test the pattern… and the quilt tester can get underneath it and test its comfort level… it’s ability to make you not want to get out from under it.  For instance a quilt with a comfort level of 8 would be warm enough to make you want to be late for work in the morning or arrive just before the bell rings at car pool.

Commiserate with me quilting friends!  Tell me about your quilt project dilemma.  We need to suffer together.