I have Boy Scouts in my family.  My husband is an Eagle scout and has been a scout leader in the community for nearly 10 years.  My three sons have been in scouts since the 1st grade and are well on their way to making Eagle.  My oldest son (a high school sophomore) is working on his Eagle project now.  A few years ago I began a little project of making a special gift for each of our scouts (those that have been with us since the beginning) that have made Eagle.  I couldn’t afford the time or expense to make them each a quilt (although I did make them each a brag vest for their patches years ago) so I chose pillowcases.

Boy Scout Pillowcase
Boy Scout Pillowcase

The first one I made came out great and the boys loved it so much I had to immediately go out and find more fabric.  Unfortunately the fabric is super hard to find these days and I don’t have much left… but I wanted to make sure that my sons got their pillowcases (since they were the only ones that didn’t have one).

Thankfully I was able to catch up a little on some projects of mine in the studio so I cut 4 more pillowcase kits so that I can stitch them up over coffee one Saturday or Sunday morning.  I even had a tiny bit left over.


It’s nice to have some small projects every now and then that you can complete in 30 minutes or less that makes you feel completely accomplished.  Especially when you are like me and have to stare daily at nearly 40 personal UFOs, unfinished pattern tests for new patterns and gobs of book pages that need to be made. *UPDATE* We have a new addition to the studio…



… and because of it… those pillowcases are all complete… as well as a few other lingering projects that we zipped right up.  (The insides of those Camel hooves see in the last post here.)

CWQ isn’t one of those cute decorated studios that you see on the blog pages with adorable painted furniture and uncluttered horizontal surfaces.  Our studio is a workhorse… with string balls on the carpet, unfinished projects stacked in every available space and scrap piles EVERYWHERE.  But… we manage to produce some really cool stuff… probably because we don’t “waste” the time cleaning the place up.  We do like to keep the fabrics neat though.  You can tell where our priorities lie can’t you.  Someday we will clean the whole place up and take some more pics so you can see the whole space.

Someday I will write about spaces where “real” women create.  Where do you create?  If someone called to announce that they were from Where Women Create magazine and they were stopping by to photograph you… what would be your reaction?  What’s the first thing you would do?

~Happy Quilting.


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