We are working diligently behind the scenes here at CWQ to reach out to you via the website and make it a great user experience.  This has involved lots of research and post writing, product development and marketing.  It’s all boring… Blah… blah… blah… stuff.  I know I myself have been dying to write some really fun posts about color and design and all kinds of stuff…

But… I also want to make sure that those of you who are just getting to know us can figure out what we are all about.  So that means… making sure that the old posts and pictures are all available to you and the site, in general, works so you can navigate to all it’s features.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed today that the quilt from the Still All Scrapped Out! book were not available on the site for you to see.  (The first book quilts are… just click on the All Scrapped Out! category tab on the right hand side).  So… I set out to rectify that oversight immediately.

So here it is… Still All Scrapped Out!… the 2nd book in the scrap series.

CWQ-BK-003 Still All Scrapped Out!
Still All Scrapped Out!

Pretty right?  I know… I know… you wanna see what’s inside the cover.  In this book we continue on with our method and our normal every day rulers… and then break out and add a 60˚ ruler in there too. How fun!


Take a look at all the additional great ideas for using this method… Including making a crazy quilt from all the pieces left over.

~Happy Quilting