Many of you know that we have been manufacturing our own templates here at the Cabin.  We are lucky enough to partner with my other company, Cabin Digital LLC, to produce our own custom designed acrylic templates for All Scrapped Out! that are designed and manufactured right here in our facility in the United States.  This has been so wonderful because when a new idea crops up we can have a prototype template in our hand within an hour.

While we are not a ruler manufacturer (there are no lines on our templates) we have been able to provide custom acrylic shapes for much cheaper than a standard ruler and pass that savings on to our customers.  Thanks to our wonderful customers our product has been very well received.

Our new announcement (courtesy of our sister company) is that our original production machine is being replaced by this machine below.

New laser cutting system
New laser cutting system

This is so wonderful for us because we will now speed up production time, produce a more finely finished product and expand our business into new avenues.  Also, this machine is  manufactured and sold by Kern Laser Systems right here in the United States of America in the small farming town of Wadena, MN.

One of our staff just spent a couple of days in the factory of Kern touring and taking training class on our new system.  He was able to produce one of our new designs while testing and learning the machine.   As you can see below the new templates are engraved much cleaner and easier to read and we are excited to speed up production for sale at wholesale market.



This is the prototype for our new 3 1/2-inch Tumbler template (CWQ-Trap3)… (pay no attention to the mistake in the engraving on the template… it is a prototype).  I love how much cleaner the engraving is and how much easier it is to read.  I see lots of possibilities.

Anyone interested in getting their hands on a new template when they are available please leave a comment below the post and we will send you an email as soon as they are available online.  Also, we are offering (in the fashion of kickstarter) the chance for you to design your own template.

If you have an idea for a new template send us a note on the shape and size you are interested in.  If we choose your design to go to production in our new line, you will receive a template in the mail for free.  We also produce custom templates for your shop, designer or guild.  If you are interested in having a template created for your purpose with your own logo please contact us.  We can offer a quote for your custom project.

Let us know what you think of our idea.

~Happy Quilting