Finally.  A new site.  It seems like a lifetime since I first began a web presence.  I first opened a website for this company in 2004, a mere 6 months after my company began.  It was terrible.  I was able to place photos of the quilt patterns but was so overwhelmed by code and programs and still designing patterns that I was never able to get it quite right.

A few years ago I paid a company to put out a wholesale website for my customers… but many of my stores didn’t like using it… and it was impossible for you at home to purchase anything online.

So here we are… trying it again.  I am working diligently to learn to get this right so you are able to see all the wonderful new stuff we have going at CWQ and all the great new classes and products we have available.  Hopefully this will be a much better experience for all involved.  It’s been a long journey… and a 10 year anniversary present to myself.

I hope you like it.