Pic 1Several years ago a sewing friend made me the most wonderful little gifty.  She took a make and take class on making a curling iron cozy out of a dollar store placemat and some ironing board fabric.  I have used that cozy many times during my travels over the years.  I have nearly completely worn it out and my newest curling iron seams to have outgrown its size.  I decided to improve a little on the design and offer my project as a FREE project tutorial for you to make for those people in your life that need to get up and get out in the morning before their curling iron cools down.   So I present to you… my version of… the Early Checkout Curling Iron Cozy.

This project can definitely be made out of a couple of FQ’s or even some scraps.  The only special thing that you need to purchase is some heat resistant batting for the inside of hot pads and such.  I use Pellon Insul-Fleece.  I keep a yard of it around for whenever I might need a piece for a special project.Pic 2

I cut two rectangles 11″ x 16″ (one for the inside of the cozy and one for the outside).  Cut one piece of Insul-Fleece (or your choice of batting) the same size.  I placed the two pieces of fabric right sides together with the batting on the top and stitch together on three sides with a 1/4″ seam leaving the bottom (on the narrow side) open.  pic 3

Then I turned the cozy right side out through the opening, making sure that the all the edges are completely turned using my two point turner.  After turning I quilted the cozy.pic 4

Next I made the outside pocket for the cord.  I cut two rectangles 5″ x 15″ from my two fabric choices (one for the front of the pocket and one for the inside accent of the pocket.  I also cut a piece of regular batting scrap for the inside of the pocket to give it some substance.  I cut a paper pattern as well.  I drew a line on the paper pattern at 13″ and a dot at the top center.  I folded the paper in half lengthwise and used the line and points to draw a gentle pocket curve at the last 2 inches of the pattern piece.  Then I used the pattern piece to trim my fabric and batting to size.pic 5

To make the pocket I laid the two fabric pieces right sides together with the batting on top.  I sewed the pieces all the way around leaving the flat narrow end open for turning.  I turned the pocket right side out and pressed it flat.  I folded the curved end of the pocket down at 1″ below the 13″ mark where the pocket begins to curve.  I market the line with a hera marker.  I then flipped the pocket flap back up and quilted the pocket up to the line created by the hera marker.pic 6

Once the quilting of the pocket is complete I folded the pocket flap back down at the marker line and top-stitched across the top of the pocket flap and around the curve of the flap to hold everything in place. (I swear this pic reminds me of Kermit the Frog).pic 7

Once the pocket is complete… lay the pocket face up on the front of the body of the cozy matching the bottom edges.  Make sure the pocket is inside the side edge at the 1/2″ mark.  Clip it in place with Wonder Clips.  Top-Stitch the pocket in place on each side.  Be sure to back stitch at the top of the pocket.pic 8

Once the pocket is sewn in place, fold the other side of the cozy on top of itself, right sides together matching the side edge.  Clip in place with Wonder clips and sew along the bottom edge and side of the cozy with a 1/4″ seam.  Careful to watch your seams so that you don’t catch the pocket.  Back stitch at the top edge of the cozy to prevent the seam from opening.pic 9

Once you have sewn the side seam, turn the cozy right side out and press flat. (This may be the hardest part). Insert your curling iron inside the pouch and the cord into the outside pocket.  If you have an early checkout in the morning, you can UNPLUG your curling iron and slip it in the pouch even it is still hot.  The outside pocket protects the cord and the pouch protects all your other items.  No need to wait for it to cool down.pic 10

Make a couple of these for your favorite teen girl or fashionista this Christmas.