Day two of the December Blog-A-Day challenge finds me back in the office and studio steadily working on filling your Christmas orders and buried in scraps. I can tell it’s Christmas as orders from husbands are starting to arrive. I love it when spouses take the time to stop by the online store and buy little presents for all of you. I am working hard to get them out quickly so they can be wrapped and placed under the tree for you.

Speaking of Christmas, I took some time on our rainy Sunday afternoon to begin the prep of decorating the CABIN for the holidays. Unfortunately, that required the purchase of a new tree… which made my husband extremely happy as he loves ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS. This year, with the boys away at college, I have really felt the spirit to decorate and celebrate. I decided we would at least place the Christmas trees in their place before we brought out all the decorations. The new tree, which is covered in glittery snow, has been placed in its home for the next several weeks.

While at the store, I picked up a couple of extra decorating essentials.

Tomorrow I will get out the vacuum and deglitter the floor. What a mess… but the tree sure is pretty.

But for now, I am armed with cute little Christmas socks I picked up yesterday during the first of many holiday shopping excursions, a platter of snacks and a bowl of turkey soup, and White Christmas on the TV. It’s time to cuddle up and settle in with the pups and recharge for another long week.

I would love to hear about your favorite holiday traditions and what projects you’re working on this season. Share your traditions and picks in the comments section.

Until tomorrow… Happy Quilting.