I love learning new things despite how many mistakes I make in the process.  This week’s learning curve is knitting again.  I know all about fabrics for quilting… but fabrics for knitting… I know nothing.  Luckily in my class on Craftsy.com… Knit Lab… Stephanie Japel is teaching me all about those things.  Of course, I didn’t get it right away but I am getting there.

I finally finished my first project in my class.  The first project was a lacy keyhole scarf.  Stephanie’s example was a beautiful, delicate light teal lacy version.  Mine turned out like this…

IMG_2199It’s hard to see the pattern itself because I used a much chunkier yarn that I think I should have. I think you can still see it though… just next time I would used something more delicate. Not to mention my edges are a little uneven, my colors are a little all over the place and due to a mistake in counting one side is twice as large as the other.  Luckily this pattern is very forgiving.

Here is a close up of my lace work.

IMG_2198I think it turned out nice… which is a real testament to Stephanie’s pattern.  Once put together with the end through the keyhole… it looks much better.

IMG_2204For the second project I decided to use  another variegated yarn this time to hide the practice stitches.  This is a plain scarf and I am supposed to be practicing the seed stitch or the checkerboard pattern.  I wanted to use the scarf as sort of a practice piece to do all sorts of stitching and still be able to wear it.  Because it is variegated the yarn looks textured when it’s knitted… so I am just adding additional texture.  It’s sort of a surprise when you catch the light.  Here is the beginning…

IMG_2200I started with a plain garter stitch again as in the last piece… but then I started the seed stitch.  At first I got a little backwards when swapping from knitting to purling… but I soon got the hang of it and knitted a couple of stitches together until I came up with a good number to checkerboard pattern.  I did a 5 stitch checkerboard.  This is the beginning of the pattern.IMG_2203 I really like how it’s shaping up.  It was like a little surprise.  I can’t wait to learn more… til I get to the ultimate goal which is learning to knit in the round so I can make fingerless gloves and a pair of socks.  I think I am getting better… but still have a long way to go.  Learning new things is totally awesome.  It makes me completely happy and breaks up the monotony of writing a new book all day long.

I hope you enjoyed my sharing today.  Why don’t you share what new thing you learned this month/week/today.  I would love to see it.

Happy Quilting… and doing.