As I sit here resting and waiting to hit the hay for the evening, I have been thinking what to say about today at the show.  Well… it must be the exhaustion talking… but all I can think to say was… it was busy.  At one point in the day I had one of these.

ahhhh… nourishment.
ahhhh… nourishment

I sent one of the staff out for coffee in the middle of the day.  I am told that a good samaritan paid for it from the car in front of mine at the drive thru while I sat in my booth and signed more books and templates (this was the first time ever that someone asked me to sign a template but I did it).

Then the rest of the day was a complete blur… and then I had one of these.

ahhh… more nourishment
ahhh… more nourishment

It was late and I was too tired to even wait for a table.  So we had dinner at the bar… didn’t speak more than about 4 words… and then headed off to bed for the evening.  Once again I have ended a successful day with the quilters of Lancaster County and its surrounding areas.  I love being here in Lancaster.  I drove the roads for a little while tonight.  I passed a buggy or three.  I talked to a couple of quilters late night shopping.  Tomorrow is our last day here.  I look forward to every minute of it.

~Happy Quilting.