Today is Day 9 of the challenge and the suggested topic is My Favorite Tip.  I have shared many tips with you in my Penni’s Pointers video series. A couple of my favorites are the video on Design Walls and the other one on How to Prevent Rulers from Slipping which can both be found HERE on my videos page and also on our YouTube Channel.

The coolest tip I have received lately was the Accordion Half-Square Triangle method for scrappy quilting invented by my friend Beth at Eva Paige Quilt Designs.  If you haven’t seen her videos here on my site (there at the bottom of the “Quilter’s Toolbox” video page, check out this link to watch Beth explain this method in action. It’s the coolest way I have seen of putting together scrappy half-square triangles.

My Oldest UFO

I didn’t make it blogging yesterday because… well… Christmas prep… but I didn’t want to miss out on the suggested topic which was… my oldest UFO.  My oldest unfinished object in the sewing room is probably a quilt that I decided to make for my mom many moons ago when I first started quilting.  I told myself that I would hand quilt this beauty before I gave it to her and the quilt is so old and unfinished I couldn’t even find a photo of it.

I also started a string of Blocks-Of-The-Month years ago by Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries and I yet to finish any of them.  I believe I have 3 in progress.  Safe Haven, Pansy Park, and A Quilter’s Garden.  I even have all of the border fabrics still in my stash to complete them someday… and someday I will.  Here are some photos of what they look like. These are not mine, just random images I borrowed from the web. Someday I will finish them and perhaps save them for my sons.

The “Dream Project”

One last update before I go on this Monday morning… how about a glance at my Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented.  I found this great tutorial series on this bag by Michelle from Birdcage and Thread. Michelle also has her own pattern for a zip bag for your Wonderclips which I couldn’t resist purchasing to make (since Michelle has a great video to go with it as well) and she talks about another pattern by Happenstance Row for the Hold It, Fold It, Clip It gadget that she was a pattern tester for.  This little foldup container fits perfectly inside the bag and you can find the pattern on Blueprint.  So I decided I definitely needed both items and did my part in shopping small this week.

Below is a couple of photos of how my bag turned out and why I wanted to make one so badly.  They really are very easy to make and I plan to make a few more before the holiday season is over.  I’m really excited about packing mine up for teaching my next class in January.



EPP Club

I might have mentioned that I am teaching an EPP Club at Quilting Adventures in the Richmond, VA area in January.  This is a 3 month Club and the first class is on Saturday, January 18th.  If you are interested in learning more or signing up for the club, contact Quilting Adventures by calling 804-262-0005.  

That’s all from me today.  Until next time… Happy Quilting!