The weather is turning colder and it’s about time to curl up together with a warm quilt and a good book.  For me there isn’t time to read. Just me and a laptop and my good book… or Book #4.  That’s right… it’s book writing time.  Writing steps… drawing diagrams… calculating cutting instructions… it never stops.  Well… occasionally the doorbell rings and a package arrives.  This week it was from MODA.  Gotta love it.  Check it out.IMG_2085

I just love when fabric arrives.  It brings such a smile to my face.  The first set of instructions has been boxed up with these adorable fabrics and a little something for the pattern tester. I will be seeing her on Tuesday and wanted to greet her with a little something special.IMG_2095

We have such a nice collection of fabrics it’s gonna be complete torture picking the fabrics for each project. There isn’t much in there I picked out just for me.

I love these adorable Chevrons.  Some fat and some skinny.IMG_2089 IMG_2088

I have a little something in mind with these fabrics too.  I have to break this one apart and spread it out to see everything.  IMG_2093 IMG_2092

But I think my ultimate favorites today were the Weave solids.  I love the linen look that they have.  Gotta love it.  IMG_2091

Well… it’s time to get back to it. I have to leave the cabin again soon for another trip to Pennsylvania. If you see me at the Hinkletown Sewing Machine Shop event… please stop and say hi.  Then it’s back to work on the books.  Also… tomorrow I am hoping to show you the progress so far on the leaf quilt just in time for WIP Wednesday.

Happy Quilting!
~Penni Domikis