I have been wanting to post new stuff and show you some new quilts.  Unfortunately we are in book writing mode… and paperwork and boring stuff getting ready for the next big event.  Which is actually really exciting… so I am not complaining too much.


I need to sew… and paperwork is what I am all about right now.  But here’s a recap of last week.  I flew from Richmond, VA to Detroit, MI to Cleveland, OH… and then to Atlanta, GA and then back home to Virginia.

My plane over Atlanta.
My plane over Atlanta.

Unfortunately this was my only window seat… which was much better than the others because no one remembered to go to the bathroom before they boarded the plane but me.  Also… I missed two connecting flights to Cleveland, had a delayed flight going to Atlanta due to snow in Cleveland and needing to de-ice the plane and a delayed flight to Richmond cause our plane was late getting in from partying in Miami…

Only to arrive home to more paperwork.  In all fairness, CWQ is not the only company that I own so owning a quilting co can be much more fun than this… so don’t be discouraged.  I will be up in the studio hopefully by the weekend fondling all over my fabric and making beautiful masterpieces.  I am getting excited about that.

What are you excited about today?

~Happy Quilting