What’s the best part about making a scrap quilt?  Oh so many things.  Personally, I love looking at a scrap quilt and seeing the pieces of all the other quilts I have made in the past.  It’s a great way to feel like a responsible recycler.  Putting something together that is beautiful from all the “trash” or “castoffs” you have leftover means less money spent.  Especially if you can find a border print in your stash as well.

So what’s the down side?  Well… who wants to sit around all day and press all those tiny little pieces… and then stand around a cutting table and cut each one to the perfect size.  Most people won’t waste their time doing that not to mention the back pain.  Some aren’t comfortable with their colors matching skills.  Some want that scrappy look but the only way they are willing to achieve it is by purchasing a group of fabrics that match and then cut the pieces.  But doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the scrap quilt?  It’s supposed to be made from what’s left.

That’s where All Scrapped Out! comes in.  I designed a method of using your scraps… yes YOURS… without pre-cutting or pre-pressing and I teach you how to just grab and go and make a truly scrappy project … or … you some of the other fabrics in your stash and organize your scraps to make something that appears more planned.  No one would ever know that you didn’t plan the whole thing.

Here are the quilts/projects that are in the book.  The patterns are complete and come with instructions on how to make each project your own to suit your needs. These patterns are all simple and suitable for a beginner but look complex enough that any advanced quilter will appreciate them.

IMG 2890

This is how it all begins … with a giant messy pile of leftover strips, fabric ends and binding strips.  Dump it out and start playing.  Grab some random strips and start making something basic.

This quilt is Spare Change and made up entirely of mismatched floral strips and plaids.  From the looks of the pile of junk … you might not think they would go together … but as you can see they certainly do.

Spare Change

If you are interested in seeing what happens when you do something totally random with your scraps … and all the leftover block and border pieces … you can check out Scrappy Strings and Crazy Things.

Scrappy Strings and Crazy Things

How about throwing them into random color piles.  Don’t think twice about it … just decide what color it is and throw it in that pile.  I did that and Cascading Colorwash was born.

Cascading Colorwash

What if you want something that looks a little more planned?  Not sure how to get your colors just right?  You’re looking at that random pile of color and thinking, “Yhey don’t go together!”  Well … they can!  Here is what happens when you find a leftover yardage of border print from your stash (something you maybe purchased without thinking at the local quilt shop on sale) and match the colors to the fabric like I did here with Equitable Elegance.

Equitable Elegance

Or … better yet … just try putting those fabrics together anyway against your better judgement.  This simple pattern, Color Block Brilliance, will do.

Color Block Brilliance

Here are two very simple and popular projects to make with you blocks of color. Grammy’s Thread Box and its companion table runner are perfect partners of color.

Grammy s Thread Box


If you are looking for something special to do with your scraps there is no need to look any further.  Use an interesting border print from your stash and pull scraps to go with it.  Bountiful Baskets and Diversified Diamonds are perfect patterns for any piecer.  You don’t need special skills either.

Bountiful Baskets

Diversified Diamonds

Think that you can’t do this?  Well … quit thinking that because you can!  I will teach you how.  All Scrapped Out! is a perfect book for your library.

Money tight?  I understand.  What better way to feel good about your hobby than to use what’s in your stash beautifully and effectively.  I designed this book especially for you … and priced it right.  All Scrapped Out! retails for $15, contains 9 unique patterns and is spiral bound to lay flat.  It’s the best bargain on the block.

All Scrapped Out!
All Scrapped Out!

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